The department was founded in 1981. Since then candidate of geographical sciences Hagverdiyev Habil Tagi oghlu has been leading the department.



Basic priority of the department investigation direction is learning the development history of the Geographical Science in Azerbaijan, at the same time study and systematize of geographical sciences, national historical culture, analysis of change of national geographical location of Azerbaijan, which was noticed in sciences and travelers plays.



 The complex reports on dynamic of researches related geography and landscape science were prepared.

The geographical conditions of Azerbaijan, structural-territorial differentiation, dynamics of national-geographical location were studied by stages and systematized according to periods of tendency of their changes beginning from the 1981.

It has been determined that in development and formation of geographical thought in Azerbaijan the Russian scientists played a great role. The appearance of own scientific potential of scientists-geographers beginning since 50s of the past century in Azerbaijan gave a powerful impetus for solving the national geographical, regional problems.

The global geographical indications, geographical aspects of ecogeographical variations are studied by using the cosmic and mathematic methods.



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