4 years have passed since the death of a famous scientist geographer, academician Budaq Budaqov, who for many years was director of the Institute of Geography named after acad. H.Aliyev of ANAS. The staff of the Institute visited the Alley of Honor to commemorate dear scientist where he

is buried, he laid a wreath at his monument, said a prayer for him.

Habil Haqverdiyev, chairman of the trade union organization of the Institute, thanked the employees for coming, saying that visiting the tomb of the scientist in the days of his birth and death has become a tradition. “Budaq muallim was indeed scientist and personality worthy of the attention. He was one of those who laid the foundation of the science of geography and the Institute of Geography in Azerbaijan. So, it is our duty- to visit his tomb, to remember him. May he rest in peace!