Has been published the “Methodic manual for the preparation of medical-meteorological forecasts”, prepared by employees of Department of Climatology and agroclimatology of the Institute of Geography

named acad. H.Aliyev, the honored engineer-meteorologist, leading researcher, DhP on G. by Umayra Taghiyeva and scientific researcher Jamila Akhmedova.

In the book published in Azerbaijani and English, are reported the changes occurring in the composition and circulation of the atmosphere in conditions of global climate change, and  anomalous hazards, increase of meteosensitivity of the man to adverse weather  conditions, sustainability and strengthening of  “warm air masses.”

In this regard, the new publication will provide information and forecast to the population and the relevant organizations on the adverse weather conditions, and will help to take preventative measures and prevent or mitigate the risks.

This methodic manual is intended to produce medical-meteorological forecasts, weather services.