The dissertation work is devoted to the role of creative work and scientific-organizational activity of Academician B.A.Budaqov and his innovating in development of national geography and forming of its separate branches in Azerbaijan, and in training of highly qualified specialists as well.

 The first chapter is dedicated to B.A.Budaqov’s researches in the field of geomorphology where is considered his successes in study of geodynamic processes of morphogenesis, origin, age, regularities of evolution and forming of relief.

B.A.Budaqov’s basic role in development of landscape science in Azerbaijan is elucidated in the second chapter.

The researches and successes of B.A.Budaqov in the fields of geographical terms, problems of working out of geographical terminology and geographical glossaries are considered in the third chapter.

The fourth chapter contains the analysis of importance of researches carried out by B.A.Budaqov in the fields of ecology and nature protection, ecologicalregioning, rational utilization of natural resources.

The fifth chapter is devoted to the scientific-organizational activity of B.A.Budaqov, his services in training of highly qualified scientific personnel, contribution in school geographyetc.

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Mammadova Flora Vahid gyzy