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Samur-Divichi lowland
Gusar district, Laza village
Minor Caucasus, Murovdag mountain ridge
Major Caucasus, Afurja waterfall
Major Caucasus, Rustov depression
Coast of Caspian Sea
Canyon of Gudialchay river
Nakhchivan AR, Batabat lake
Nakhchivan AR
Shollar lowland, forest
Gudialchay river
Chukhuryurd depression
Nakhchivan AR, Duzdag cave
Mud volcano
Mud volcano’s field
Major Caucasus, Shakhdag-Gizilgaya massif
South-Eastern Shirvan
Kura river

The estimation, utilization and conservation of natural re­source potential of geosystems are one of the most important problems of the present time. The sharply increasing of anthropogenic loading of the natural environment is the reason of fully disturbance of ecological balance between the society and nature bringing to increase of danger and risk in human activity.


Many state programmes have been adopted for elimination of serious, needing the solution of problems, standing on the way of sustained social-economic development of the republic.

Taking into account of above-mentioned the Geographical Society of Azerbaijan and Institute of Geography named after acad. H.A.Aliyev will hold an international scientific-practical conferen­ce on the theme "Estimation and Rational Utilization of Natural Resource Potential of Geosystems in the Conditions of Global Chan­ges" on june 3-5, (6-7 exscursion)  2013.

 Aim of the Conference -  determination of scientific-practi­cal directions for grounds of organization of rational utilization, management and sustained development of natural resources, preser­vation of natural balance between the man and nature,  and solution of ecogeographical and social-economic problems as well.

The attendance of foreign specialists who are concerned with the study of these problems and representatives of legisla­tive, executive organs and non-government organizations is envi­saged as well.

 The following problems are planned to be discussed in the Conference:

1. Theoretical-methodological bases of the determination of natural resource potential of geosystems.

2. Global climatic changes, climatic and water resources.

3. Sustained social-economic development and food-safety.

4. Estimation of tourist-recreational potential of geosystems.

5. Ecological potential of the Caspian Sea and adjoining regions.

6. Ways of optimization of natural resource potential of the geosystems.

Those  who  wish to  take  part  in  the work  of  the  conference are  to  submit  their  articles  (in  a printed and electronic  versions) befor april 25,  2013 to the following address: Baku, 31, H.Javid St., The Institute  of  Geography named after acad.  H.A.Aliyev, ANAS, Geog­raphical Society of Azerbaijan, room 905,   R.S.Abdullayev.

Contact phone:   439-33-36; mob.(050 353 01 35) 

 Rules  for  authors:  volume  of  article  - not  less  than 4  pages, Word for Windows, font-Times New Roman, 14 pt, 1,5  interval.  Para­meters  of page:   space  from  above,  below and left  sides  - 2,5  cm, on the  right  - 1,5 cm,  at the  end of the  article  - resume  in En­glish and Russian languages;  point  out the  initials,  place  of work and address  of  the  author(s).

Note:  The Organizing Committee of the Conference states that it has available possibility for providing of arrival and staying of limited numbers of foreign participants of the Conference. Those who wish may apply to the address: e-mail

The  submitted articles will be published in  the Procecdings  of  the  Geographical Society of Azerbaijan  before  the  Con­ference. The Organizing Committee  reserves  the  right to decline the materials  not  corresponding the   subjects   and answering the requirements  of the  conference.

                                                                                                    Organizing Committee