The dissertation deals with natural-geographic and socioeconomic factors that influences on development of cities and urban settlement as well as contemporary demographic and socioeconomic development of cities, and regional distribution of them in Persian province. Exploiting arrangements on further development of these processes are also reviewed.


The aim of carried research includes studying contemporary social, economic and demographic development of cities, factors defining these indicators, improvement of economic base of cities, regulation of distribution of urban population, and provision of sustainable economic and socio-demographic development of cities in Persian province of IR of Iran.        

Scientific novelty of the dissertation is related to a complex economic-geographical study of the cities of Persian province of IIR, defining development level of cities on a regional scale, classifying cities as well as exploiting arrangements on improvement of economic base of cities, increasing employment, and also decrease of regional disproportions by cities’ development level. 

The scientific work is composed of introduction, four chapters, conclusions and recommendations as well as list of used literature.

The first two chapters of the dissertation are devoted to analyzing theoretical and methodological study of cities, role of natural and geographic factors and resources in development of cities, and contemporary situation related to structure of cities’ economy and services.

Contemporary demographic situation of cities and problems of their development are analyzed in the third chapter. Perspectives of further sustainable development of cities are studied in the fourth chapter.

Seven scientific works have been published on the theme of dissertation.


I.A. Jalalian