The dissertation is devoted to evaluation of natural-geographic and socioeconomic factors that influences on cities’ development in province of Gazvin of Iran Islamic Republic.

The main directions of economic, social and demographic development of cities, classification of cities for development level, territorial organization of human distribution as well as preparation of arrangements on further development are also reviewed in the scientific work.

 The dissertation is composed of introduction, four chapters, conclusions and recommendations as well as list of used literature. Complex economic, social, and demographic researches on province of Gazvin were carried in the scientific work. Main principles of classification on basis of economic and socio-demographic development as well as infrastructure, health care, roles of natural-geographic and historical-economic factors in development of cities are defined. Classification of cities is given.

The first chapter is devoted to theoretical and methodological studying of economic, social and demographic development of cities as well as main factors of further development. The chapter also deals with historical and geographical peculiarities of the studied cities.

The second chapter is devoted to classification of cities by main indicators of economy, social and cultural development, and also infrastructure.

Demographic development of cities of province of Gazvin as well as natural increase and dynamics of population number are studied in the third chapter. The main studied issue in this part of the dissertation is related to cities and stages of their development.  

Perspectives of the development of cities are analyzed in the fourth chapter. Recommendations on improvement of distribution of cities are given. 

Ten scientific works have been published on the theme of dissertation.


Mehdi Muhammad Salehi