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Samur-Divichi lowland
Gusar district, Laza village
Minor Caucasus, Murovdag mountain ridge
Major Caucasus, Afurja waterfall
Major Caucasus, Rustov depression
Coast of Caspian Sea
Canyon of Gudialchay river
Nakhchivan AR, Batabat lake
Nakhchivan AR
Shollar lowland, forest
Gudialchay river
Chukhuryurd depression
Nakhchivan AR, Duzdag cave
Mud volcano
Mud volcano’s field
Major Caucasus, Shakhdag-Gizilgaya massif
South-Eastern Shirvan
Kura river

The XVII scientific session of the United Scientific Council on Fundamental Geographical Council on Fundamental Geographical Problems founded at the International Association of Academies of Scions was held by the Ministry of Education and Science,  the institute of Geography in Almaty, Kazakhstan on September 9-14, 2013.


The leaders and leading scientists of scientific- research institutes on geography, natural resources and ecology of the countries of AIC participated in the work of the session. 4 group problems were discussed in the session. The chairman of the session was academician V.M. Kotlyakov (R F). The main subject of the session was “Revealing, mapping and warning of natural-destructive phenomena”. The reports were devoted mainly to extremely savants and processes created by global climatic changes.

The collaborators of the institute of Geography, ANAS- Cor. Memb. Of the ANAS, Doc. Teach. Sci. Prof. R.M. Mammedov, Doctor of Geography E.K. Alizade made a joint report titled  “Revealing and preventing of the natural –destructive phenomena in Alp-Himalaya type mountain geosystems “. The development dynamics, distribution regularities, danger level of these phenomena in the mountainous territories of our country were elucidated on illustrative materials and scientific bases. The report titled “Changing dynamics of the landscape-ecological situation in Major Caucasus within Azerbaijan made by scientific works of the Department of Landscape Science and Landscape Planning I.Y. Kuchinskaya was listened with great attention.