Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Samur-Divichi lowland
Gusar district, Laza village
Minor Caucasus, Murovdag mountain ridge
Major Caucasus, Afurja waterfall
Major Caucasus, Rustov depression
Coast of Caspian Sea
Canyon of Gudialchay river
Nakhchivan AR, Batabat lake
Nakhchivan AR
Shollar lowland, forest
Gudialchay river
Chukhuryurd depression
Nakhchivan AR, Duzdag cave
Mud volcano
Mud volcano’s field
Major Caucasus, Shakhdag-Gizilgaya massif
South-Eastern Shirvan
Kura river

On March 6, at the Institute of Geography was held the event on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

      The director of the Institute, acad. Ramiz Mammadov, congratulated all the women and spoke about the role of women in society. He said that in 1998 was created the state Committee for Women. Azerbaijan is presented in the Council of Europe as a full member of the UN Commission on Women. The academician noted that in 1995 Azerbaijan acceded to the International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of official discrimination against women.

      Habil Haqverdiyev, chairman of the trade union committee of the Institute, noted the important role of our brave and unselfish women in countless achievements of our country. He stressed that our women have always differed by intelligence, diligence, honesty and patriotism.

     In the response women of the Institute expressed gratitude to the leadership of the Institute for a special attention to women.