Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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In recent years in Azerbaijan were made important steps in the field of science. Certain work is carried out on personnel training and strengthening of the scientific potential of the academy, trying to increase young people’s interest in science and its involvement in the Academy.

Especially, is necessary to note the admission, this year, at the master’s degree at the Institute of Geography. One person, Zeynab Mirzayeva has been admitted to only one place for human geography in the specialty of social and economic geography. She was in a meeting with corresponding member of ANAS, prof. Elbrus Alizade, Zakir Eminov. Doctor of Geographical sciences, head of Human geography direction, PhD in geography Nizami Eyyubov, head of the department of Demography and population, Zaur Imrani, head of the Tourism and Recreation geography, Museib Yunusov, head of the Education department and senior specialist, PhD in geography Flora Mammadova. They wished her success

A theme of dissertation was given to Z.Mirzayeva. Her scientific supervisor was appointed.

According to scientists, in the future the process of admission to this institution will be held at a higher level. Initially the creation of material and technical base is completed, as well as preparation of subject sullabys and programs. The hope is that the results of the work in the new field will be successful.