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Yesterday, at the International press Center hosted a presentation of the three-volume monograph “The Geography of the Azerbaijan Republic” organized by the Institute of Geography named after H.Aliyev.

The Corresponding Member of the ANAS Elbrus Alizade, the dean of the faculty of geography of BSU Farda Imanov, researcher at the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Araz Gurbanovm head of Department of the IG Habil Haqverdiyev, speaking at the presentation, highly appreciated the great importance of this publication. It was noted that this fundamental scientific work is an excellent source of knowledge for Azerbaijan. Speakers have seen fit to publish it in Russian and English languages.

Here are excerpts from the report of academician Ramiz Mammadov:

Modern function of geography

Since the second half of the XXth century, geography completes its descriptive function. It turns into a fundamental research science that studies the laws of nature, natural processes and society, taken separately and in conjunction. At the same time, there is no area of the economy and social life, which would not use its achievements.

Studying natural resources and their rational use, placement and expansion of production, geographical problems of resettlement of the population in Azerbaijan, this science is developing in accordance with natural and economic features.

The reason for writing this book

Over the past hundred years, valuable works on various branches of the Azerbaijan geography have been repeatedly published. Nevertheless, it was not written a generalized, based on new data geography of the Azerbaijan Republic, intended for researchers, teachers and students of universities and secondary schools and other professional involved in the planning area, etc. In this area was felt gap.

The purpose of writing the book

After Azerbaijan gained independence, the question arose identify ways to further develop the country’s socio-economic development, natural and human potential, scientific evaluation of natural resources in the new conditions.

In this regard there was a need to explore the natural and geographical, economic and eco-geographic characteristics and potential of our territory and to all the general public. This publication is unique in geographical science.

For a more accurate analysis of the rich natural, economic and geographical resources of our country, a team of specialists of the Institute divided the work “The Geography of the Azerbaijan Republic” into three independent parts connected to each other and completing each other: 1st v.-“Physical Geography of the Azerbaijan Republic; 2nd v.- “Economic, social and political geography of the Azerbaijan Republic”; 3rd v.-“Regional Geography of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.