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Resolution of the International Scientific-practical Conference on “Estimation and Rational Utilization of Natural Resource Potential of Geosystems in the conditions of Global Changes”

 In Baku (the Azerbaijan Republic) on June from 3 up to 5, 2013 was held an International Scientific Conference devoted to 90th anniversary of prominent political leader of Azerbaijan H.A. Aliyev. The Conference was organized by the Section of Earth Sciences of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences together with the Geographical Society of Azerbaijan and the Institute of Geography of ANAS. The specialists from Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Ukraine took part in its work.

The aim of the Conference was to discuss scientific-theoretical, methodical and practical problems of ecodynamic changes of geosystems in the conditions of global and regional changes of environment and climate, adaptation of different branches of economy to their changes.

The Conference included one plenary and five sectional meetings: natural-resource potential of geosystems and their utilization; global climatic changes, climate and water resources; ecological potential of the Caspian Sea and adjoining regions; stable social-economic development and food security; estimation of tourist-recreational potential of geosystems.

By the beginning of the Conference was issued materials of the Conference which was introduced main principles of more than 90 scientific reports, attracting the results of researches of natural-resource potential of geosystems of different origin in the conditions of global and regional changes of environment and climate.

Actuality the carrying out of Conference is conditioned by contemporary global ecodynamic changes of geosystems in space and time, demanding the elaboration of scientific-theoretic and methodical bases of ecosystem researches, basing on distance methods of researches, and GIS technologies as well.

The contemporary period is characterized by contradictions between the natural geocomplexes and postindustrial society. Under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors there take place the degradation of natural resource potential of geosystems. There processes are attracted on the social-economic, political and ecological environments being parts of human development.

The participants of the Conference-specialists of different branches of Earth Sciences and ecology, disputing of complex problems the estimation of resource potential of geosystems adopted the following resolutions:

-       to consolidate the attempts of scientists and specialists on carrying out of complex researches of natural-resource potential for ensuring stable development of regions;

-       to activate the field and laboratory researches with application of remote methods of researches and GIS technologies for defining the degree of influence of global and regional changes on environment and climate with the aim to ensure the food and ecological security;

-       to work out the complex synthesized methods of investigations with applying of GIS technologies for dangerous processes and phenomena (desertification, mud-streams, landslides, earthquakes, floods, etc.) with the aim of improvement of their forecasting, decreasing of dangers and risks for economy of countries, health of population;

-       to rise the role and significance of academic and higher education institutions investigations in working out and realization of national and regional plans of social-economic development;

-       to work out the scientifically based programs and plans of measurements on balanced development of territories;

-       to estimate the changes of agroclimatic potential of territories in the conditions of changing climate for providing the food security of countries of the Black-Caspian region;

-       to estimate the recreational potential of mountainous regions and determine more optimal ways of their utilization for development of tourist industry.

Taking into account of strategical importance of Black-Caspian region the Conference calls the coastal countries to extend hydrodynamical, meteorological and climatic researches in the spoken region, work out regional bases of balanced management of coastal territories and suggest concrete measures on ensuring the preservation of biological and landscape diversities of the Black-Caspian region.

The Conference expresses its deep gratitude to the Institute of Geography named after Acad. H.A. Aliyev  of the ANAS and its management for carrying out the International Conference in high scientific level, field excursions and providing optimal conditions of the work.


Scientific-Practical Seminar

On September 6 at the Baku Regional Centre of the Ministry of Extraordinary Circumstances will be held a scientific-practical seminar on the theme: “Problems of management of rain waters in Baku city”.

The scientific-workers of the Institute, Candidate of Geography M.S. Hasanov will make a report titled “Atmospheric precipitations of Baku: yesterday, today, tomorrow”.