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Alizade Elbrus Kerim oghlu was born on march 4, 1957 in the Aral bin village, Aghdash district Azerbaijan.

He from 1974 studied at the geology geographical department of geographical faculty of the Azerbaijan state University (now BSU)

Ne in 1979  graduated from the university with a first class lonour degree and was directed to work at the Institute of Geography , the Azerbaijan Academy of science in the Laboratory of Application of aero cosmic methods in geographical researches.

In 1984 he defended a dissertation for the degree of candidate of science of Geography on specialty 25.00.25-Geographolody and evolutionary Geography.

In 2004 he deferred dissertation for the degree of  Doctor of Geography on spatiality 25.00.25 Geomorphology and evolutionary Geography.

On the resolution of the Presidium of ANAS dated on July3, 2013 he was appointed deputy director on science of the institute of Geography named acad. H.A.Aliyev the Azerbaijan National Academy of science.

From 2005 he got a professor post at the department of physical geography of geographical faculty, Baku state  University.

Since 2009 he is a member of Expert Commission of the NAC Presidium of  AR on sciences of Earth and since 2011 is its scientific secretary.

At present Alizade E.K. is a member of the Council of observer of scientific centre “Stable development of mountainous counties “at the UNESCO functioning in the city of Wadicaucasus, RF, a member of the Azerbaijan society, chairman of the “Coordination Council on Geography” at the NAS of Azerbaijan.

Since 2001 he is a chairman of the scientific seminar on Geography and council of Experts at the QKPC

Since 2003-wice chairman of the Methodic Council on geography at the Ministry of  Education of the A.R.

Basic scientific achievements: investigation of mount am territories of Azerbaijan with application of materials the deciphering of space pictures, elaboration the methods of structural –geomorphologic  deciphering of speck pictures, estimation of geomorphologic   risks, investigation of geodynamic tensed territories, ecogeomorphological research of mountainous ecosystems of major and minor Caucasus forming of modern mounted ecosystems definition   the degree of influence of complex end o and exogamic factors and soon




Author of more thon scientific and scientific-pedagogical works, including 2 monographers, 115 articles ,2 textbooks 3 teaching aids, some maps and about 40 scientific methodic aids. 

  Selected works:

1.Exodinamics of the mountain relief its estimation (on the pattern of northeastern   slope of Major Caucasus).Baku, 2010,monoqraphy.

2.Morphostructual construction of mountain structure of Azerbaijan and adjoining territories. Baku,1998,monograph.

3.Pecularites of morph structural deciphering of CP of the conjugate zones of morphotectonical  blocks (on the pattern of eastern part of Minor Caucasus). “Geomorphology”RAS,Moscov,2001,N1.

4.Problems of research of the ecologic-geomorphologic hazard in mountain constructions within Azerbaijan geomorphologic slouaca Vol.III2003,N1 Bratislava.

5. Some methodical problems of the quantitative  rating of ecological hazards in mountain goosesteps of Azerbaijan. International workshop  at Bale Tagaras Massif   (Romanian Carpathians), 2004.

6. Anticaucasian  sectorality  in development and differentiation of Landscapes of the Eastern Caucasus International Conference on stability the development of mountain territories: problems and perspectives of integration of the science and education Vladicaucasus,2004.

7.Differentiation peculiarities of the processes of exomophogenesis in the southern slope of Mijor Caucasus and their influence on development of maintain goosesteps. International conference on Stability the development of mountain territories: problems and perspectives of interqration of science and education, Vladicaucasus,2004.

8. Morphostructual analysis of relief of the Azerbaijan part of major Caucasus .Geomorphology. 1984,N4,p.47-53 (co-authorships with B.A.Budagov,A.A.Mikayilov, A.S.Aliyev.

9.Revealing of carcass of the morph tectonic blocks of the eastern part of Minor Caucasus and adjoining territories on SP. Geomorphology AS of the USSR 1991,N4,p.51-57

10. Complex methods of mapping of morphostructives the Zones of interpolate contiguity  of the Eastern Caucasus on the basis of interpretation of space photos. Materials of cartographic  conference of the loth General Assembly of ISA (September 3-9 ,1995).Barselona,1995,p.158-163 (co-authorship B.A.Budagov).

11.Ecologic-geomorphological more dangerous zones of the Eastern Caucasus( revealing on the material of deciphering of SP)Estimation and managing of natural risks-Materials of the ALL-Russian Conference Risk-2003.Mpub.H.of the University of peoples Trienslup T1 2003 p.37-42

12. Actine morhostructual zones of the Eastern Azerbaijan (on the materials of sp.XXVIII Aleonum of the  Geomorphologic Commission of the RAS relifferoning  processes: theory, practice, methods of investigation 20-24 September 2004.

13.Sources of origin of the external exodynamic phenomena in the regions of development of actins alpine type of disjunction moephostructures. Moseone,MSU,VI shukin reading,2010,p.30-32.

14.Problems the influence of ecologic social threats and risks on stable development of the regions of Azerbaijan Izvestiya Geographical series RAS, Moseone 2011, N4 p. 54-62 (co-authorships with BudaqovB.A.,Mammadov R.M.,Ismayilov M.D.,Ismatova Kh.P.Eminov Z.N.

15. Intensification of ecological tension in the mountain goosesteps in the conditions of activization of dangerous geomorphologic processes.( on the pattern of Azerbaijan).34-th international Geological congress “The modern problems of geologi and geophysics of Eastern Caucasus and south Caspian depression” Australia 2012,p.35-52 with Tarixazer S.A.

16.Geomorphologys role in biology of Arasbaran –Garadagh forest. American journal of Scientific Research Issue 75 September 2012,pp.78-84 Euro Journals Publishing Inc.2012, (co-authorship with Dh.Azgan.