Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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The acting director of the Istitute of Geography Ramiz Mammadov, deputy director on science Elbrus Alizade and leading scientific-worker of the Department of Landscape Science and Landscape Planning Irina Kuchinskaya are invited to take part in the work of joint meeting of United Scientific Council on the Problems of Geography functioning at the International Association of Academics of Sciences and United Scientific Council on Fundamental Problems of Geography functioning at the Russian Academy of Sciences being held in Almati, Kazakhstan on September 9-13, 2013.

Joint report of R.Mammadov and E.Alizade titled “Geographical bases of revealing and warning of natural-destructive phenomena of Alp-Himalaya type mountain geosystems” is included the program of the Conference. I.Kuchinskaya will make a report titled as “Dynamics of change of the landscape-ecological conditions in the Major Caucasus”.