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“Coordination Council on the Caspian Problems” functioning at the Institute of Geography named after acad. H.A.Aliyev was founded according to the resolution numbered 6/4 given on December 22, 2009 by the Organization and Coordination Council of Republican Scientific Researches and subjects of fundamental scientific researches connected with the Caspian Sea.

The Council organizes the discussion of the works to be intended to carry out in this direction at the scientific-research and institutes of higher education functioning in the republic and recommends to work out actual and perspective subjects.

The Council has 15 members and its Chairman is Cor. Member of the ANAS, prof. R.M.Mammadov, and scientific secretary – Doc. Ph. on Phys.-Math. Sciences N.I.Ahmadov.


Composition of the Coordination Council on the “Caspian Sea” problems.

Ramiz Mammadov (chairman) – acting director of the IG, Cor. Memb. of the ANAS

Mammad Salmanov – director of the Institute of Microbiology, academician

Nazim Ahmadov (scientific secretary) – leading scientific workers, IG.

Rafig Gasimov – Lead of laboratory at the Institute of Physiology, Cor. Memb.

Farda Imanov – Lead of department at the BSU, Doc. of Geography

Farid Dadashov – Lead of laboratory, Institute of Geology, Doc. of G.-M.

Rauf Grdashov – chief scientific worker, Institute of Geography, Doc. of Phys.-Math.

Rza Mahmudov – director of the SRI of National Hydrology, MENR

TelmanTatarayev – lead of department, Doc. of Geog.

Tofig Suleymanov – I deputy director, Doc. of Tech.

Zulfugar Guliyev – Head of department, Institute of Zoology, Doc. of Biol.

Aydin Kerimov – reader, Academy of National Aviation, Cand. of Geog.

Mammad Nasibov – chief of the Department of Ecomonitering, SOCAR

Mirsalam Gambarov – head of the Department of Natural Resources, MENR

Mursal Aliyev – chief of the Department of Ecology, Baku city