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Hydrometeorology of the Caspian sea

Auther – R.M.Mammadov

The book consists of 6 parts. It is considered for those specialists, doctorants and students work on the spheres of hydrometerology and level problem of the Caspian sea.

The etymology and formation, modern physical parameters and geographical characteristies and geographical characteristies of the Caspian sea, a new information on its protected areas are briefly elucidated in the first part of the book. The carbohydrogen resources and biological resources are examined in the natural resources part of this chapter.

A vast place is given to the hydrology of the sea, the fourth ceapter is devated to this subject. News maps elucidating sea currents, temperature, saetness, transparency and season changes of hydrologic parameters are given in this chapter.

The level change of the Caspian sea and its social-economic results, longterm forecasting of level change are precisely examined in the fifth chapter after all, the last-sixth chapter is devoted to the ecogeography of the sea, defining of pollution sources, estimation of general ecological conditions.



Present Condition of the Caspian Sea

          Authors – G.N.Panin, R.M.Mammadov, I.V.Mitrofonov

 The monography consists of materials allowing to consider it a new generalization the conditions of the Caspian Sea. The physical and geographical description of the Caspian Sea occupies a considerable place in it. The research results of conformity with laws the reconstruction of terrestrial circulation of atmosphere in the Caspian Sea region are given. The consideration of ecological problems of the Caspian Sea and its biodiversity occupies a particular place.





Geography of catastrophe and Risk

 Collective authors – R.M.Mammadov and other

 The complex analysis of spatial distribution of elemental and social catastrophe in the zones of humid subtropics of the Caucasus-Pontiysk region is given for the first time in the joint work carried out by international group of researchers from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. The genesis, dynamics and after-effects of elemental processes as: earthquake and volcanism, activity of glaciers, landslides, mudstreams, river erosion and flood, bogging up and desertification are considered in the monography.




 Ramiz Mammadov

From compiler - Qardaşov R.H.


A brief information about his scientific-public activity is given  in the bibliography.






Hydrometeorological Changeability and Ecogeographical Problems of the Caspian Sea

Author – R.M.Mammadov

 A new physical and geographical information on the sea and its natural resources is given in concise form in the book. The new maps of seasonal changes of such features of water as streams, temperature saltiness, transparency and so on have been complied. The analysis of model calculations and experimental results obtained by the author and other researchers was carried out over here, the regularities of changeabilities of hydrophysical fields were determined. A special attention was given to the problem of level fluctuation and its social-economic after-effects in the monography. Such particular economic problems of the sea as sources of pollution, diseases, penetration of foreign organisms and so on are studied in corresponding parts. The social-economic situation in the Pricaspian region and its political status are analyzed in the book as well.


Changeability of Hydrophysical Fields of Spreading of Pollutants in the Caspian Sea

Author – R.M.Mammadov

The monography is devoted to the complex study the changeability of hydrophysical fields of the Caspian Sea in a wide range on spatial-temporal scales and studying the influence of these features on spreading of foreign admixtures in the sea. The regularity of turbulent diffusion in the Caspian Sea was determined on the basis of unique experiments carried out in self zone of the sea, the theoretical formulas were worked out for calculation of length, active phase and thickness the spreading of flooded stream of foreign admixtures.





Landscape Planning (the first experiment and application)

 Author – R.M.Mammadov

 The book is devoted to creation of landscape planning means and its application in Azerbaijan which is common for Europe and new for us. The conception, main point, meaning, aims and methods of landscape planning are given, its methodics and following stages are presented: inventory making, estimation, area, and integrated purposely conceptions of territorial development, main activity directions and conception of arrangements. The main aim of the book is to prepare a landscape plan for the Shirvan National Park and its adjoining territories.



Piloting Landscape Planning in the  Countries of the Southern Caucasus.

Collective authors - R.M.Mammadov et al

  The book is aimed at central and local government officials responsible for economic and social development policies,environmental protection policies and planning policies and procedures,also at planning specialists and sector specialists including  ecologists and geographers ,and students.

   The first part of the book examines the utility of landscape planning as an  aid to spatial planning and other processes leading to decisions about how land should be used and presents a detailed step by step guide/The second part of the book presents the tree pilot studies and concludes with a discussion of the prospects for lanscape planning to contribute to national and regional sustainable  development.



Morphological structure of mountain constructions of Azerbaijan and adjacent

territories (on the basis of materials of interpretation of space pictures)

Author - Alizade E.K.

In the monograph on the basis of materials interpretation of space pictures and field researches it is analyzed morphological structure of mountain constructions of east parts of the Major and Minor Caucasus and adjacent territories.

Are considered morphotectonics features of formation and development morphostructures of panto- сCaucasian and a cross direction spread.

The book is designed for geographers, geologists and also students of geographical and geological faculties of universities.

Baku, Elm, 1998, 248 p.


Exomorphodynamic of the relief of mountains and its estimation (on the example

of the northeast slope of the Major Caucasus)

Authors - Alizadeh E.K., Tarikhazer S.A.

The monograph is devoted to an actual problem of geomorphology of mountain constructions - to research of exomorphodynamic of the relief and an estimation of the danger, originate from exogenous factors determinates the natural-destructive phenomena in conditions of intensive development of mountain geomorphosystems.

The structure of dangerous exodynamic processes is explained in detail and questions of morphodynamicintensity of a relief within the limits of researched region also are considered.

The monograph is meant for geographers, geologists, ecologists and other experts devote oneself to development of mountain territories.


Desertification in the arid and semiarid mountain geosystems (on the example

of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic)

Author - Guliyeva S.Y.

The monograph is devoted to the most dangerous environmental problem of the modern period - to desertification of arid and semiarid mountain and foothill geocomplexes under the influence of natural and anthropogenous factors.

On an example of the territory Nakhichevan АР features, types and degree of desertification of modern landscapes are investigated. Actions for struggle against desertification for the purpose of maintenance of a sustainable development of geocomplexes are offered, and also directions of development of landscapes in the future are proved.

The book is meant for geographers, ecologists, the experts, dealing with by problems of desertification and students of High schools.


Landscape-ecological differentiation of the mountain landscapes (on the example

of the northern slope of the South-Eastern Caucasus)

Author - Kuchinskaya I.Y.

The monograph it is devoted to an actual problem modern landscaping - to landscape-ecological dynamic changes in geosystems of mountain regions in the conditions of strengthening of global ecological intensity under the influence of natural-anthropogenous factors.

The tendencies of development landscape complexes within investigated region are studied on the basis of wide use of remote sounding materials, the estimation of a landscape-ecological situation is spent, and also necessity of landscape planning for the purpose of maintenance of a sustainable development of geosystems is proved.

The monograph can be useful to geographers, ecologists, the experts who are engaged in development of mountain territories, masters and also to High Scholl students.


Geography of the Azerbaijan Republic (economic, social, and political)

Baku 2013

II volume

İn the second volume of the book titled “Geography of the Azerbaijan republic is spoken about the modern economic and geographical problem of the country and showed the ways of their solution. The book is intended for the students of geographical faculty, teachers, scholars and other specialists.