Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Scientific work

The Department of Paleogeography was established in 1961.

Heads of department: R.H. Sultanov, Doctor of Geology and Mine­ralogy - 1961-1971;

A.V. Mammadov, Academician, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy - 1991-2003.

From 2003 and at present B.J. Aleskerov, Doctor of Geographical sciences.



 The scientific workers of the department carry out a wide re­searches on paleogeography of the Quaternary. They research works on stratigraphy separate centuries of this period will be carried out, on the basis of restoration of fauna and a vegetative cover the change of a climate and having a place transgressions and regresses of Caspian Sea in this connection is studied. And also formation of glaciations in different centuries of Pleistocene happened on the Major and Minor Caucasus in connection with change of a climate.

Together with it wide researches of the most ancient site of the human in Azykh cave were carried out. It was established the first settling by human Azykh cave has taken place 1,8 million years back in Absheron century (Eopleistocene). In interglacial warming the preference was given to settling on open site on river terraces.

Directions of perspective researches

Last years the age of the Quaternary period has been extended by the scientists of the world. For this reason the scientific wor­kers of the department must work on new tasks. They are going to study the paleogeographical conditions of Azerbaijan in Absheron (Eopleistocene) century end buried soil horizons.



 More than 500 scientific works and 5 large monographs have been published by the scientific workers of the department.

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