Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Ramiz Mahmud oğlu Mammadov - 1950, Director of the Institute of Geography, Academician of ANAS, Doctor of Technical sciences, head of the department.

Gardashov Rauf Haji oglu – 1956, 11.00.08 – Oceanology, Doctor of Sciences, chief researcher, corr.member of ANAS.

Main scientific achievements: Development of “a method of dot mirror reflection” for the decision of a problem of reflection of solar and laser beams on a surface of the sea.

 Creation of a method of remote sensing for definition of characteristics of waves and a wind under statistical characteristics of solar light.

Development of a method of exact definition of a place of solar light on ocean surface of during supervision from a stationary orbit.

Development of a method of exact definition of morphometric characteristics of geographical objects from satellite images (a coastal line, islands, and lakes).

Development of a method of definition of a place and characteristics of oil spillages under satellite images.

Author of more than 60 scientific works.

 The name of the basic scientific works:

  1. Gardashov R.G., Gardashova T.G. Determination of the Statistical Characteristics of the Specular Points of 3 Dimensional Gaussian Sea Surface. Izvestiya, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics, 2009, Vol. 45, No. 5, pp. 620–628.
  2. Determination of the Distribution Density of Specular Points on the Sea Surface.  Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, Vol. 16 No. 4, pp. 447 - 460, 2008.   
  3. Gul E., Gokhan K., Erdogmus F. , Gardashov R. “The determination of sunglint location on the ocean surface by observing from the geostationary satellites” Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (TAO),  Vol. 17 No.1, March 2006, pp. 253-261.
  4. Gardashov R.G., Barla M.C.  The calculation of the distribution of the Sun glitter radiance on the ocean surface by observing from a geostationary orbit. International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 22, No. 15, p. 2939-2952, 2001
  5. The probability density of the total curvature of a uniform random Gaussian sea surface in the secular points. International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 21, No 15, p.2917-2926, 2000.


Ahmadov Nazim Isa oghlu - 1954, oceanologist, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, leading scientific worker.

Main scientific achievements: Has revealed presence of the climatic factor in change of a level of Caspian Sea by calculation of water balance by tool methods.


Tatliyeva Zahide Ismayil gyzy - 1944, oceanologist, candidate of geographical sciences, senior scientific worker.

Main scientific achievements: on the basis of the analysis of information base of hydrometeorological parameters of air and weather maps the informative predictors were revealed; in connection with atmospheric circulation on border "water - air" and heat conduction the reasons of formation of especially dangerous hurricanes were revealed.

On the basis of thermal conditions on border "water - air" of especially dangerous hurricanes and synoptic stability the grapho-analytical method (nomogram) of regional data was developed.

The name of the basic scientific works:

  1. Раздел: Опасные и стихийные гидрометеорологические явления в монографии «Гидрометеорология и гидрохимия морей», том VI, Каспийское море, выпуск 1, Гидрометеорологические условия, Гидрометеоиздат, С-Петербург, 1992,  359 с.


Makhmudova Ulker Khalil gyzy - 1957, hydrologist, candidate of geographical sciences, senior scientific worker.

Scientific interests: research of ecogeographical problems of Kura river.

Research of stocks of drinking water and development of methods of optimum supplying with it population of Azerbaijan.

The name of the basic scientific works:

  1. Azərbaycan və Ermənistan Respublikalarının Kür çayının çirklənməsində rolu.


Jafarova Sheyda Jafar gyzy - 1946, chemist-technologist, scientific worker.


Ahmadova Aybeniz Faig gyzy - 1959, geographer-hydrologist, junior scientific worker.


Mehdiyeva Sadaye Jahangir gyzy - 1950, mountain engineer-hydrogeologist, junior scientific worker.


Gadirova Esfira Aliagha gyzy - 1945, engineer-electrician, junior scientific worker.


Ibrahimova Bibikhanum Alesker gyzy - 1955, philologist, junior scientific worker.