Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Scientific work


The department of Cartography and Geographical Information is one of the first departments in the structure of the Institute of Geography named after acad. H.A. Aliyev, ANAS. It was formed in 1945.

In 1973 a department called “Geographical names (Toponymic)” was formed in the Institute of geography, ANAS for the first time. The department was headed by a distinguished toponymist-researcher R.M. Yuzbashov.

In 1987 two departments (“Cartography” and “Toponymics”) were united, and then the department of “Cartography and Geographical Names” was formed.

Since 2008 the department has been acting under the name of “Cartography and Geographical Information”.

The department was headed in different times by:

Doctor of technical sciences N.I. Shlepnev – 1945-1950

Candidate of geographical sciences V.G. Zavriyev – 1950-1958

Candidate of geographical sciences Sh.D. Aliyev – 1958-1975

Candidate of geographical sciences Sh.G. Damirgayayev – 1975-1984

Candidate of geographical sciences I.E. Mardanov 1984-2011



 -       Maps of different thematic (physical-geographical, natural components, population, economical and so on) and training maps for higher educational establishments, secondary schools are compiled; complex, thematic and training atlases are prepared;

-       Generalization of landscape complexes, their dynamics and forecasting with applying of cartographic methods are studied;

-       Works on enriching of toponymic fund of republic, compiling of toponymic glossary and maps are carried out;

-       Toponymy of the republic is studied on regions;

-       The department takes part in the work of Toponymic Commission attached to the Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijan Republic.



-       Maps with different thematics (physical-geographical, natural components, population, economical and so on), at the same time the maps for higher educational establishments and schools, complex thematic and training atlases were compiled;

-       Complex, thematic and training atlases are published;

-       Historical and cartographic analyses the maps of the Caspian Sea (up to XIX century) were given;

-       Generalization, peculiarities of landscape structures were studied on the bases of large and middle scale landscape maps;

-       Landscape-ecological maps were compiled;

-       Toponymic glossary and toponymic fund of Azerbaijan were compiled;

-       Geographical terms of Azerbaijan were studied;

-       Toponymy of the region of Major Caucasus and Absheron were studied;

-       Toponymic maps of separate regions of Azerbaijan were compiled at the results of toponymic studies.



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