The collaborators of departments of Economic and political geography

and Geography of Population and Social development visited Sheki, Qakh, Zaqatala and Balakan regions from June 2 to 11 with mission.

    The purpose of the assignment was to study the current situation and problems of industry, agriculture, transportation, urban and rural population and demographic development of the settlement in four regions of Azerbaijan.

   The employees of our Institute have been informed   by executive heads of Sheki, Qakh, Zaqatala and Balakan, their deputies and the department personnel on social issues and the work done in recent years. They also received information of the measures to be taken.

   Participants of the mission held a series of meetings with local residents. In addition to the administrative district centers they traveled to Ilisu, Tazakend, Qurbanefendi and other villages in the area. Taking pictures of many of the settlements, the employees of the Institute collected facts about it.

  During this mission, some of the relevant information was obtained from industrial enterprises. All the obtained information will be included in the annual reports of departments.