Tagiyeva Yelena Nikolayevna – 1959, 25.00.25 – “Geomorphology and evolutionary geography”, Doctor of geographical sciences, leading scientific worker, acting head of the department.

Scientific interests: Palaegeography, palaeecology of the territories of Azerbaijan and Caucasus in Cainozoe; influence on the vegetation cover by man settled in Azerbaijan; spores and pollen specters in the moun­tainous territories of Azerbaijan; restoration of climatic conditions of the past centuries on the basis of vegetation cover; change of vegetation cover because of anthropogenic factors last 50 years.

The dissertation work titled "Evolution of climate and vegetation cover of Azerbaijan in the Cainozoe" has been defended and presented to the Highest Examination Board of the Azerbaijan Republic.

She has taken part in the work of a number of republican and international conferences with scientific papers.

Author of more than 80 scientific works. Her scientific works have been published in Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, etc.


Veliyev Seyran Suleiman oghlu – 1950, 25.00.25 – “Geomorphology and evolutionary geography”, doctor of geographical sciences, chief scientific worker.

Scientific  interests: palaegeographical conditions of the territory of Azerbaijan in the Quaternary Ages; palaegeographical and palae-ecological conditions of the Caspian Sea in the Quaternary Ages; settling of pal eolith human beings in Azykh cave; fluctuations of the level of the Caspian Sea; climatic changes at the territory of Azerbaijan in the Quaternary Ages.

The doctorate dis­sertation work titled "Palaegeography of Azerbaijan and adjoining territories in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene" was defended by him in 1994.

 The papers have been read by him in a number of international scientific conferences and symposiums.

Author more than 150 scientific and 600 popular works. His works have been published in Russia, Baltic and Georgian republics.


Khalilova Ulviyya Anvar gyzy – 1969, scientific worker.

Scientific interests: Paleogeography.

A candidate dissertation work titled "Paleolandscapes of Azerbaijan in Eopleistocene and Early Pleistocene" is ready to be defended.

Author of 10 scientific works.


Aliyev Alyar Islam oghlu – 1947, scientific worker.

 Scientific interests: paleogeography.

 All graphic works of the department are carried out by him.

Author of 11 scientific works.


Gashamova Ramina Ramiz gyzy – 1986

She is a computer operator.