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December 2012

19 December 2012

Dissertation Council

At Institute of geography name after acad. H.A. Aliyev of ANAS functions the Dissertational Council D 01.091 on receiving both the degree of doctor of philosophy and degree of doctor of sciences.

The chairman of the Dissertation Council – Ramiz Mahmud oghlu Mammadov, corresponding member of ANAS, Dr.Sci.Tech, professor.

The Deputy Chairman – R.N. Mahmudov, Doctor of Geography, professor.

The Scientific Secretary of Dissertation Council – Maharram Samad oghlu Hassanov, Candidate of Geography, associate professor.

More than 50 specialists defended the dissertations at the Dissertation Council from 2007 up to 2013. Out of them 7 are the degree of Doctor and the remains Doctor of Philosophy and 7 of them are the citizens of the Iran Islamic Republic, 2 – Egypt Arabic Republic, 1 – Kazakhstan Republic.

At the Dissertation Council D 01.091 is carried out the defenses of theses on the following specialities:

25.00.23 - Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography, geophysics and geochemistry of landscapes 

25.00.24 – Social-economic and political geography 

25.00.25 - Geomorphology and evolutional geography 

25.00.27 - Hydrology of land, water resources, hydrochemistry


 The composition of the Dissertation Council


1. Mammadov Ramiz Makhmudoghlu (chairman) – Acting director of the Istitute of Geography named after acad. H.Aliyev, Corresponding Member of the ANAS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor


2.Mahmudov Rza Nadir oghlu (Deputy Chairman) - Director of the Hydro-Meteorological Scientific Research Institute of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic, Doctor of Geography, professor


3.Hasanov Maharram Samadoghlu (Scientific Secretary) - leading scientific worker of “Climatology and Agroclimatology” department of Geography Institute of ANAS, candidate of geographical sciences, docent


4. Babakhanov Neron Aslan oghlu - Doctor of Geography, professor


5. Alasgarov Bayram Javad oghlu - Doctor of Geography, professor


6. Afandiyev Vusat Amir oghlu - Doctor of Geography, professor


7. Gul Alvin Kasim oghlu - Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor


8. Hasanov Tapdik Gulahmad oghlu - Doctor of Geography, professor


9. Khalilov Huseyn Aghamali oghlu - Doctor of Geography, professor


10. Khalilov Mahmud Yusifoghlu - Doctor of Geography, professor


11. Gardashhov Rauf Haji oghlu - Doctor of phy. and math. Sciences


12. Gashgay Renabeim Mirtaghy gyzy - Doctor of Geography


13. Gambarov Elchin Surkhay oghlu - Doctor of Technical Sciences


14. Gojamanov  Maksad Huseyn oghlu - Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor


15. Gurbanzadeh Aghazeynal Ali oghlu - Doctor of Geography


16. Mammadov  Nadir Gulmammad oghlu - Doctor of Geography, professor


17. Mammadov Zahid Sattar oghlu- Doctor of Geography, professor


18. Tagiyeva Yelena Nikolayevna - Doctor of Geography


19. Tanriverdiyev Khalid Kazim oghlu - Doctor of Geography


20. Salmanov Arif  Hanifa oghlu - Doctor of Geography


21. Valiyev Seyran Suleyman oghlu - Doctor of Geography

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