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January 2013

17 January 2013

Director of institute

Ramiz Mahmud oğlu Mammadov

 Academician of ANAS, Doctor of Sciences of Technical, professor R.M.Mamedov is a recognized scientist, as in Azerbaijan, and internationally. He the author 250 scientific article, 10 monographies, 1 atlas and about 20 international projects in areas of Caspian sea and preservation of the environment in Azerbaijan. He in 1972 has ended physical faculty of the AzerbaijanStateUniversity. The scientific activity of the beginnings in 1973 in the Center of Problems of Caspian Sea of Institute of Geography of the Academy of Sciences Azerbaijan. Period 1975-76 years passed training in Moscow in Institute of Oceanology of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In the same place in 1977 has acted in postgraduate study on internal branch on a speciality of "the Physicist of ocean" where in 1980 has protected the master's thesis and has received a scientific degree of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.

 In 1995 he  defended his doctor's thesis  on  the  subject of "Change­ability  of hydrophysical areas  of the Caspian Sea and their influence on diffusion of pollutants''  and became Doctor of Technical Sciences,  in 2001 was   elected Corresponding Member  of the ANAS on  the specialty of  "Geography".   In 2009 he 1 as   awarded academic status «Professor" by the Supreme Attestation Commission of Azerbaijan on the   specialty   of «Hydrology".

 R.Mammadov is a known scientist and authority in the field of researches of the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan and in the world as well.  His scientific researches were devoted to actual problems of the Caspian Sea - mainly the hydrology, hydrology, hydrophyiscis, mutual in­fluence of atmosphere and sea, study of turbulent exchange and tur­bulent diffusion in the sea, creation of physical and geographical model of diffusion of pollutants in the sea, status and ecogeographical problems of Caspian Sea.

 The transborder water problems of the Kur-Araz basin, study of desertification process in Azerbaijan, landscape planning and environmental protection are also R.Mammadov’s basic research directions.

 R.M.Mamedova's works, both articles, and monographies are published in scientific magazines known the world and editions. He adequately represents Azerbaijan in scientific and ecological structures of such international organizations as the United Nations, EU, UNESCO, etc., nearby 40 countries has acted with scientific reports.  

 Place of Birth:   Garadjalar village, Gardabani region, GeorgiaRepublic

Date of Birth:   04.1950

Education:   AzerbaijanStateUniversity, department of physics

Scientific degree:   Doctor of Technical Sciences

Title: Academician

Speciality code and title for doctoral dissertation:   11.00.07- Hydrology Hydrochemistry

Date of Election as a correspondent member and speciality:     2001, Geography

Projects executed by support (award) of the international organizations for last 10 years:

2009 - 1. Caspian Sea environmental and industrial data & information service. Grant awarded: 211288, Commission of the European Communities, FP-7. Duration: 2009-2000 years.  Team Leader.

2. Climate change and ecosystem of the Caspian Sea, model study. Grant awarded: Civilian Research Development Found USA, Azerbaijan National Science Found. Duration: 2009-2010 years.  Director of the project.

3. Multi-disciplinary Analysis of the Caspian Sea Ecosystem (MACE). Grant awarded: NATO SfP programmer. Duration: 2006-2009 years. Partner Country Director of the project.

2008 - 4. Remote detecting of a sea surface by results of processing space picture LANDSATE TM. Grant awarded: Lukoyl oil company. Duration: 2008 y. Director of the project.

5. Landscape planning in the Southern Caucasus. Grant awarded; Technical University of Berlin, Federal Agency Nature Protection Germany. Duration: 2007-2008 years. Director of the project.

6. Value added satellite altimetry for coastal regions (ALTICORE). Grant awarded: INTAS, EU. Duration: 2006-2008 years. Team lieder.

7. Monitoring of Oil Pollution using Earth Observation Data: a multi-sensor, multi-platform approach (MOPED). Grant awarded: INTAS, EU. Duration: 2006-2008 years. Team leader.

2006 - 8. Increase of ecological knowledge and creation of the ecological center of education. Grant awarded: EU, Ecological Centre for Caucasus. Duration: 2006 y. Director of the project.

9. Research of fluctuation of a level of Caspian Sea by means of satellite altimetry. Grant awarded: Centre National Research France, ECO/NET proramme. Duration: 2005-2006 years. Director of the project.

2004 - 10. The design of the Caspian basin observing system to form the basis for environmental forecasting. Grant awarded: NATO CCMS Programme. Duration: 2003-2004 years. Team leader.

11. Modelling of emergency floods of oil and qazkondenstae from a sea platform and the pipeline. Grant awarded: Oil Company BP. Duration: 2004 y. Director of the project.

2002 - 12. Climatic changes in territory of Azerbaijan. Grant awarded: GEF/UNDP. Duration: 2002 y. Team leader.

13. Modelling of emergency floods of oil at various hydrometeorological situations. Grant awarded: by aliens’ Exon/mobile. Duration: 2002 y. Director of the project.

2001 - 14. Caspian Scientific Network. Grant awarded: Commission of the European Communities, FP-7. Copernicus -2. Duration: 2000-2001 years.  Team Leader

15. Physical and geographical model of the transgressional diffusion of pollutants in different hydrometeorological conditions in the Caspian Sea. Grant awarded: CRDF Cooperative Grants Program. Diration: 2000-2001 years. Director of the project.

2000 - 16. Influence increase of a level of Caspian sea on process of desertification of coastal regions. Grant awarded: EU, TACIS. Duration: 1999-2000 years. Director of the project.

1999 - 17. NATO travel grant, Rosenthal school atmospheric and ocean sciences, University of Miami. Grant awarded: NATO SfP programmer. Duration: 1999 y. Director of the project.

18. The climate change in Azerbaijan. Grant awarded: World Bank, State Committee on Hydrometeorology of the AzerbaijanRepublic. Duration: 1999 y. Team leader.

1998 - 19. Clearing of the Baku bay. Grant awarded: IWACO, Nederland. Duration: 1998 y. Contractor. 

20. Creation metadata bases on an environment of Caspian Sea. Grant awarded: Caspian Ecological Programmer, WB, UNEP, TACIS. Duration: 1998 y. Contractor.

21. Caspian Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis. Grant awarded: GEF-UNDP, Project Development Facility. Duration: 1998 y. Contractor.

22. Monitoring of sea currents in a coastal zone of Caspian Sea. Grant awarded: BP/AMOCO aliens’. Duration: 1998 y. Director of the project.

23. Consequences of change of a climate in territory of Azerbaijan. UNEP, State Committee of Ecology Azerbaijan Republic. 


Main scientific achievements:   

For the first time investigated statistical and spectral characteristics of turbulences on wide spatially and temporary scales in the open part of the Caspian sea, has established of general regularity of distribution and propagation of contaminants in the sea. Has elaborated model for definition of parameters of the upper quasi-homogeneous layer on temperature, if there is speed and wind direction, and also flow of heat through a surface of the sea. The non-stationary model for interaction of atmosphere with the sea is designed, which one at a known course of wind speed allows to determine of parameters of a ground atmospheric slice. The physical and geographical model for calculation of propagation and distribution of contaminants in the Caspian sea is designed under different hydro meteorological conditions, with allowance for of bottom configuration and configuration of a coast zone. Investigated the causes of fluctuation of level of the Caspian sea, has established influencing the different factors on fluctuation of levels, has elaborated a long-time forecasting of fluctuation of level as a first approximation. Has preformed and has emited the Complex Hydrometeorological Atlas of the Caspian Sea.


Candidates of Sciences:           2

Doctors of Sciences:    1

Titles of main five scientific publications:          

Evolution of shallow sea thermal structure during period of heating and storm influences., 1979, Izvestiya AN SSSR, Fizika atmosferi I okeana, V. 15, #9, pp. 974- 982.

The empirical prognosis of the Caspian Sea level, 1996, Azerbaijan Acdemy of Sciences, Proceedings The Sciences of Earth, № 1-6, pp. 99- 108.

Impact Climane Anomalies on the Level of Caspian Sea, 1998, The Secand International Conference on Climate and Water, April, Tuusula, Finland, pp. 1202-1231.

Modeling of a temperature anomaly formation process in a coastal zone of the sea. Oceanologiya, v. 40, is. 4, pp. 500-508.

Prediction of the Oil Transport and Dispersal in the Caspian Sea Resulting from a Continuos Release. 2001, Spill Science and Technology Bulletin, Vol.5/6 - 6 pp. 323-339.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:   President Advisory Console of RegionalEcologicalCenter for countries of Caucasus.

Educational activity:      I read a course of the lecture in BakuStateUniversity

Position:     Director

Place of work and its addrss:  Institute of Geography of ANAS, 115, H. Javid str., Baku-Az1143, Azerbaijan Republic

Office phone:   (994 12) 5382900

Home phone:   (994 12) 4268558

Mobile phone:  (994 50) 3167358

Fax:     (994 12) 5396966

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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14 January 2013


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