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15 September 2013

Scientific library

A Sector of Geography was established in 1937 at the composition of the Azerbaijan Branch of Academy of Sciences, USSR AS and since then was founded a scientific basis of geographical school of Azerbaijan which favored the development of scientific departments of geography in systematic order.

In 1945 on the basis of Geographical sector was founded the institute of Geography. From this year a scientific library was founded at the institute of Geography which scientific works on geography were collected from all republics of the former Soviet Union The library of the institute of Geography consists of two large halls. The first one is a reading hall. The exhibition of new books, periodic literature, journals, encyclopedias has been organized there in the second large hall is placed a general fund of the library, literature in the Russian, Azerbaijan and other languages.

370 readers are registered in our library which 220 of then are scientific workers of our institute and the vests are collaborators of other institutions of the Academy. The library has a wide relation with other scientific libraries – Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F.Akhundov, Library of the Institute of Geology, Central Scientific Library of the ANAS and other.

There are 56000 books in the fund of library. The archives of the institute are also plaid then. The library of the institute plays a great role in development of geographical science. As a rule, our library serves as place of carrying out different measures, including anniversaries of prominent scientists, conferences so on. Besides, am exhibition of books published by the scientists of the Institute of Geography are organized every year.

There collaborators with high education work in the library- Mammadova SH.A- head of the library, Gafarova M.S.- chief librarian, Mutallimova N.F.-librarian.  


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Coordination board of Caspian sea's problems

“Coordination Council on the Caspian Problems” functioning at the Institute of Geography named after acad. H.A.Aliyev was founded according to the resolution numbered 6/4 given on December 22, 2009 by the Organization and Coordination Council of Republican Scientific Researches and subjects of fundamental scientific researches connected with the Caspian Sea.

The Council organizes the discussion of the works to be intended to carry out in this direction at the scientific-research and institutes of higher education functioning in the republic and recommends to work out actual and perspective subjects.

The Council has 15 members and its Chairman is Cor. Member of the ANAS, prof. R.M.Mammadov, and scientific secretary – Doc. Ph. on Phys.-Math. Sciences N.I.Ahmadov.


Composition of the Coordination Council on the “Caspian Sea” problems.

Ramiz Mammadov (chairman) – acting director of the IG, Cor. Memb. of the ANAS

Mammad Salmanov – director of the Institute of Microbiology, academician

Nazim Ahmadov (scientific secretary) – leading scientific workers, IG.

Rafig Gasimov – Lead of laboratory at the Institute of Physiology, Cor. Memb.

Farda Imanov – Lead of department at the BSU, Doc. of Geography

Farid Dadashov – Lead of laboratory, Institute of Geology, Doc. of G.-M.

Rauf Grdashov – chief scientific worker, Institute of Geography, Doc. of Phys.-Math.

Rza Mahmudov – director of the SRI of National Hydrology, MENR

TelmanTatarayev – lead of department, Doc. of Geog.

Tofig Suleymanov – I deputy director, Doc. of Tech.

Zulfugar Guliyev – Head of department, Institute of Zoology, Doc. of Biol.

Aydin Kerimov – reader, Academy of National Aviation, Cand. of Geog.

Mammad Nasibov – chief of the Department of Ecomonitering, SOCAR

Mirsalam Gambarov – head of the Department of Natural Resources, MENR

Mursal Aliyev – chief of the Department of Ecology, Baku city

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Ecochemical peculiarities of the oil polluted landscapes in the Absheron peninsula and the ways of their improvement. Science Foundation of  SOCAR, 2012-2014, Alizade E.K.

Estimation of landslide danger and risk for life activity of the population of Muganli village and adjoining territories to it. Fund on Development of Science at the President of the AR, 2012, Ismayilov M.D.

Information service on the industry and environment of the Caspian Sea. EC, FP-7, 2009-2010, Mammadov R.M.

Climatic changes and ecosystem of the Caspian Sea: model research. Joint programme of CRDF/ANSF, 2008-2009, Mammadov R.M.

Remote determination of marine surface on the basis of processing of aerospace pictures (Landsat TM), Lukoil, 2008, Mammadov R.M.

Landscape planning in the Southern Caucasus. Berlin Technical University, BfN, 2007-2008, Mammadov R.M.

Calculation of satellite altimeter for coastal regions (ALTICORE). INTAC, EC, 2007-2008, Mammadov R.M.

Monitoring of oil pollution with utilization of ground observations: multisensory, multiplatform approach. INTAC, EC, 2007-2008, Mammadov R.M.

Creation of the centre of ecological education and rise of ecological knowledges. The Caucasian Regional Ecological Centre, 2006, Mammadov R.M.

Interdisciplinary analysis of ecosystem of the Caspian Sea (MACE). Program of NATO “Science for the name of place”, 2005-2008, Mammadov R.M.

Research the level of the Caspian Sea with the help of altimeter. ECO/NET, 2005-2006, Mammadov R.M.

Elaboration of observation system for the basin of the Caspian Sea with the aim of basis forming for ecological forecasting. Program of NATO CCMS, 2003-2004, Mammadov R.M.

Modeling of emergency destructions of oil and gascondensat fields in the areas of ACG and Shakh-deniz. BP, 2003, Mammadov R.M.

Forecasting the spreading of overflow of oil in different hydrometeorological conditions at the Nakhichivan field in the Caspian Sea. EXON, 2002, Mammadov R.M.

First report on the climatic changes in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic. GEF/UNDP, UNFCCC, BONN, 2002, Mammadov R.M.

Creation of scientific net on Caspia. EC, FP-7, 2001, Mammadov R.M.

Investigation the influence of level rise of the Caspian Sea in the desertification process at the coastal zone. XEP, TACIS, 2001, Mammadov R.M.

Climatic changes in Azerbaijan. World Bank, The Hydrometeorological Committee of Azerbaijan. 1999, Mammadov R.M.

Cleaning of Baku bay. IWACO, 1998, Mammadov R.M.

Caspian Ecological Program. UNDP, TACIS, World bank, 1998, Mammadov R.M.

Monitoring of flows in the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea. BP, Amoco, 1998, Mammadov R.M.

Activity plan on environment of the Azerbaijan Republic. World Bank, State Committee on Ecology of Azerbaijan. 1998, Mammadov R.M.

Results of climatic changes in the Caspian Sea region. UNEP, 1995, Mammadov R.M.

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Staff were sent to Almaty

The acting director of the Istitute of Geography Ramiz Mammadov, deputy director on science Elbrus Alizade and leading scientific-worker of the Department of Landscape Science and Landscape Planning Irina Kuchinskaya are invited to take part in the work of joint meeting of United Scientific Council on the Problems of Geography functioning at the International Association of Academics of Sciences and United Scientific Council on Fundamental Problems of Geography functioning at the Russian Academy of Sciences being held in Almati, Kazakhstan on September 9-13, 2013.

Joint report of R.Mammadov and E.Alizade titled “Geographical bases of revealing and warning of natural-destructive phenomena of Alp-Himalaya type mountain geosystems” is included the program of the Conference. I.Kuchinskaya will make a report titled as “Dynamics of change of the landscape-ecological conditions in the Major Caucasus”.

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