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New books of the employees of our Institute were published.

The book of the PhD in agricultural sciences Ismayil Quliyev, head of the department “Geography of Land Resources of Azerbaijan” titled

“General geography and geography of soils” may by used as an educational tool and is different from similar publications by its structure. The author considers in it a basis of geoscience and geographic expansion of soil, soil distribution in high-altitude zones, gives information on the soil cover of Azerbaijan and the world, and also gives the dictionary of terms.

Zaur Imrani, leading researcher, PhD in geography and PhD in geography Kamala Zeynalova have published the book “Economic-geographical features of the territorial organization of the economy of Azerbaijan”.

The book contains information about the history, nature, economy and ecology of Azerbaijan, social and economic activity of the population, economic and geographic features of the territorial organization of industry, agriculture, tourism and infrastructure, the place and role of the Caspian Sea in the economy.  

The both books are intended for a wide audience.