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The Institute of Geography named after H.Aliyev of ANAS, Sheki Scientific Center of ANAS, Knowledge Fund under the President of Azerbaijan,

Executive Power of Sheki is planning to hold a conference in Sheki on September 11-12, 2016 on the theme: “Demographic development in the Republic of Azerbaijan: prospects of settlement of the population and regional problems”. 

  The president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, who spoke at the 70th anniversary of creation of the National Academy of Sciences, stressed the importance of studying the country’s demographic development.  The exchange of scientific views is of great significance to expand researches in this field. Demographic, economic and social problems which have arisen from the first years of independence had a negative impact on demographic development. In a short time, economic reforms conducted to overcome the problems in these areas, allowed the transition to sustainable development. In the mid-90s of the twentieth century began the transition to the stage of economic development. Positive changes also contributed to demographic development.

     Sheki-Zagatala is as a multi-ethnic region. The coexistence of different nationalities is a good example of tolerance and multiculturalism. Therefore, it is important to hold a conference in such a region.

   The main topics of the conference are as follows:

          1. Problems in Azerbaijan’s demographic development and demographic policy

          2. Formation of ethnic composition of the population

          3. Multiculturalism and tolerance: present situation and development in the priority areas

          4. The settlement of the territorial organization of the economic and social base

          5. Ensuring the sustainable development of urban and rural settlement

          6. Ways to solve the problem of employment of population and employment policy

          7.  Assessment of geo-physical conditions and natural resources

          8.  Eco-geographical problems of settlement areas

          9. Use of tourism-recreation resources and provision of the population with jobs

The text of the report should be compiled based on the following guidelines:

1.      Format A4, interval 1.5,up, down, right and left 2 cm;

2.      The font Times New Roman, font size 14;

3.      At the top of the article, it should be noted title, author’s name, surname, father’s name, name of the organization;

4.      Summary in 2 languages (Russian/Ukrainian and English);

5.      List of literature and references to them;

6.      Articles must be at least 5 pages;

7.       Articles must be submitted in electronic format(disc)in print format

8.      Only one report may be received from an author.

Note: Reports are accepted until June 15. Those wishing to participate in the report may contact the Institute of Geography of ANAS, room 827(Tel: 012 539 33 61, 050-590-43-88. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)


Organizing committee