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     On May 13, in the Institute of Geography named after acad.H.Aliyev, with the assistance of the Council of Young scientists was organized the workshop-conference “Modern ecogeographic problems and ways to overcome them”

for pupils of 8-10 classes of secondary school 262 in Turkan settlement of Khazar district.

    The main purpose of the event was to increase the students interest in geographical science, familiarize them with the research in the field of ecology and geogaphy, as well as help them to choose their future profession. Students acquainted with the section of the Institute of Geography, which is part of the permanent exhibition on the second floor of the main building of ANAS. Then they visited the department “Cartography and geographic Information” watched the process of compilation and printing by Elvin Amrakhov and Bakhtiyar Gahramanov of digital maps of various contents using GIS technology on the printer PLOTTER HP Designjet Z2100 in 8 colors. They printed the “ Map of ecological tension of Azerbaijan” and gave it to the students. They also visited the department of “Landscape studies and landscape planning”. Senior fellow of this depatment, PhDin geography Elina Kerimova showed them the process of determining the composition of rocks, minerals, ground, water, using a desktop digital X-ray fluorescence spectrometer CEP-01 ElvaX”. She printed the results and gave them to the pupils.     

  The main part of the event was held in the conference hall of the Institute of Geography. PhD in geography, Samira Alekperova, chairwoman of the Council, opened the meeting. She noted the importance of interest in the geography. Then, junior researcher of the Institute Hedjekhanym Huseynova spoke about “Environmental problems, their impact and us”. The Deputy director for general Affairs, member of board of the Council, PhD in economics Anar Osmanly gave the Atlas to pupils of school number 262.

  At the end of the meetingб the school geography teacher Ravana Baguirova thanked the leadership of the Institute of Geography for the excellent organisation of the meeting.