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The 110th anniversary of the academician Hasan Aliyev, the prominent Azerbaijani scientist, and environmentalist is approaching. In this regard, the President of the country Ilham Aliyev issued an order to hold organize relevant event. For many years, H.A.Aliyev worked on the study of

nature in the republic and did considerable works on its protection and rational use. He headed the public organizations “Azerbaijan Geographical Society” and “Azerbaijan society for the protection of nature”, as well as founded the journal “Nature of Azerbaijan”. The work begun by him is still ongoing. In this regard, the following programs are of particular importance: “National Program on Sustainable from ecological point of view Social and Economic Development in Azerbaijan”, “Plan of National Strategy and Activities for the Protection of Biodiversity in Azerbaijan and Sustainable Use for 2017-2020”, “Azerbaijan 2020: a look into the future”, “Nationaleconomy and the Road map on the main branches of the economy” and others.

The preparation of scientific basis for the implemented measures, strengthening the scientific innovation, study of the role of forthcoming activities in the elimination of environmental problems are some of the major challenges faced by scientists. On June 16-17, 2017 ,a scientific and practical Conference “Ecogeographic problems of human-environment relation” will be held in Lankaran. It will be organized by Azerbaijan Geographical Society and Lankaran State University within theframework of the program adopted according to the President’s decree on the 110th anniversary of academician H.Aliyev.

The Main sessions of the Conference are as follows:


  • Current state and prospects of using of landscape and potential of natural resources

  • Problems of assessment, use and protection of the modern climate and water reserves

  • Socio-economic and demographic development, its regional problems and perspective directions

  • Ecology

  • Ecogeographical basis of sustainable development  of Azerbaijan

  • Conservation of biodiversity and ecological balance

  • Regional ecogeographical problems and ways of their solutions

  • Land and vegetation:

  • Rational use and environmental problems of lands

  • Protection of soil and vegetation cover.

      Articles should be composed in the following order:

1. Format A4, interval 1,5, indents 2cm above, below, left and right;

2. Font Times New Roman, font size 14;

3. To be noted at the top of article: title of article, author’s name, last name and surname, patronymic, name of the organization, e-mail address;

4. Summary in two languages (Russian/Azerbaijani and English);

5. List of references, including in the text;

6. Articles must be at least 5 pages long;

7. Articles should be submitted in hard copy and electronic format;

8. Only one article is accepted from one author.

Note: Articles will be accepted until May 15, 2017 (ANAS, Institute of Geography, Room No: 827, Phone: 012 539 33 61, 050 590 43 88 ZakirEminov N.) E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

   Articles that do not satisfy the scientific requirements and out of the topic of the Conference will not be accepted.

Organising Committee