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      The paper of the senior researcher of the Department of 'Geography of population and social development of Azerbaijan' Rovshan Karimov represented the Institute of Geography at the international conference on April 2013.

His paper named ''Evaluation of demographic sustainability in Azerbaijan' has been discussed an evaluated by specialists at the on-line conference "Technologies of globalization of the XXI century: evolution or setback?" held by International Academy of Science and Higher Education (London).

     The paper deals with the evaluation of demographic sustainability in Azerbaijan Republic. For this purpose, distribution of the population, development of the human settlements, and also indicators of natural movement of the population are analyzed. Special attention is given to socioeconomic aspects of demographic potential of the country in the context of perspective provision with human resources.

     The main conclusions of the carried study on demographic sustainability in Azerbaijan Republic may be formulated as the following:

     - Uneven distribution of population in the territory as well as particularly overgrowth of the city of Baku makes necessary taking more influential measurements on economic and demographic development of peripheral regions and stopping mass human migration towards the capital city. Movement of status of capital city from Baku to another place is possible and necessary;

     -Although birth rate has been reduced since 2000 by 2 times as less compared to 90es, the country is sufficiently supplied with human resources as well as population at working age;

      -Analysis of age composition and fertility rates of population provides a reason for estimating that problem of deficiency of workable population is not expected in the country within the next- and medium future.

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