Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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3  June 2013, Monday

9.00-10.00. - Registration participants of conference Time of the report of 20 minutes

1-st plenary meeting



Chairman vise-president NASA, academician I.S. Guliyev

  1. Opening address - President NASA academician A.K. Alizade.
  2. Opening address - Executive director Institute of Geography named after acad. H.A. Aliyev, corresponding member of NASA R.M. Mammadov
  3. Loginov V.F. Seasonal and long-term features of global and regional changes of climate and their possible reasons.
  4. Kordzadze A.A., Demetrashvili D.I. On creation of the monitoring and forecasting system of the state of the natural environment for the Caucasus region
  5. Mammadov R.M. Impact global changes to ecosystem of the Caspian Sea.
  6. Discussion.

11.30  – 12.00 – Coffee - break

2-end plenary meeting


Chairman academician V.Ph. Loginov

  1. Rudenko L.G. (Ukraine) Nature management: the substance, consequences and public reaction.
  2. Alizade E.K. Landscape-ecogeomorphological problems of estimation of geodynamic intensity of mountain geosystems.
  3. Klyuev N.N. Environmental threats to Russia's security.
  4. Despotovic J. An Introduction of a Hydromorphological Analysis of Rivers as a significant water management issue within IRBM Plans of the EU WFD.
  5. Kadirov F.A. Present-day kinematics of the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone
  6. Discussion.

13-30 – 14-30 – Lunch

3-rd plenary meeting


Chairman academician L.G. Rudenko

  1. Bondyrev I.V. (Georgia). The Glaciers of the South Caucasus.
  2. Medeu A.R., Malkovsky I.M. (Kazakhstan). Water problems of Kazakhstan and way its decision.
  3. İmanov F.A, Hannan T., Leummens H. (UNDO GEF). Hydrology desk study for the Kura-Aras basin.
  4. Khoshravan H., Banihashemi S., Shapouri M. Temporal and Spatial Variation of Sand Dunes, the Caspian Sea.
  5. Feyzullayev A.A. About recent strategy of oil and gas searches in the Caspian Sea.
  6. Discussion.

Dinner - 20.00.

4  June 2013, Tuesday


  1. Trip of participants of conference on the South-Eastern slope of the Major Caucasus (Baku-Shemakha-Pirgulu)
  2. Continuation of work of conference on branches.

5 June 2013, Wednesday (Conference hall of Institute of Geography, 8 floor)

The chairman - a corresponding member R.M. Mammadov


  1. Ismayilov M.J., Mammadov R.M. Estimation of natural-resource potential of landscapes of Azerbaijan and their rational use.
  2. Rahimov Kh. Sh., Hasanov M.S. Estimation of influence of expected changes of climate on environment and the population of Azerbaijan and measures of adaptation to them.
  3. Discussion of offers of sessions.
  4. Performances
  5. Acceptance of the resolution of conference.
  6. Conference closing.