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         The researchers of the department "Geography of Population and Social Development of Azerbaijan" has prepared the recommendations in accordance with the appeal made by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Azerbaijan concerning the necessity of preparing recommendations on population issues and settlement.

The recommendations that may be included into the 'State Program on Development of Demography and Settlement' (2014-2025) are the followings:

         1. Improvement of the network of social services and cultural facilities in rural areas.

         2. Strengthening of social protection of the young with low income as well as families with many children; increase of financial support by the government in this area.

         3. Providing social support to skilled workers in rural areas, and the rational distribution of quotas, incentives and loans.

         4. Reducing infant mortality and improving health care rendered to women during pregnancy.

         5. Economic, social and cultural development of small and medium-sized cities and villages.

         6. Enlargement and improvement of network of nurseries and kindergartens with improvement of medical examination of children.

         7. Better control over the women getting married at early ages.

         8. The demographic development of bordering regions.

       9. Increase of demographic potential of economic regions of Ganja-Gazakh and Sheki-Zagatala; liberalization of trade and economic relations, particularly concerning by agricultural products between Georgia and Azerbaijan in order to improve the social condition of living.

         10. Development of the areas of manufacturing and service in the administrative units located in the mountainous areas in order to meet the needs of the rural population.

         11. The development and implementation of special state programs related to the socio-economic development of cities of mountainous areas.

         12. The inclusion of the villages of mountainous areas facing threat of extinction to the prepared list with giving to them special category of settlement; rendering financial support to the implementation of socio-economic projects and state programs in order to develop these villages.