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Transaction of the Azerbaijan

Geographical Society




Published in accordance with the resolution of the

Academic  Council of Institute of Geography

named after acad. H.A.Aliyev

 of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences



B A K U – 2012


Mammadov R.M., d.t.s., correspond. Member of ANAS – editor



Editorial board:

Alizade E.K., d.g.s. -  deputy editor

Tanrıverdiyev Kh.K., d.g.s.                                                                

Khalilov H.A., d.g.s.                                                                     

İmanov F.A., d.g.s.                                                                           

Gashgay R.M., d.g.s.                                                                      

Abdullayev R.S., c.g.s. –  executive  secretary                                    

İsmayılov M.J., c.g.s.                                                                       

Yunusov M.I. c.g.s.                                                                      

Rağimov Kh.Sh., c.g.s.                                                                

Eyyubov N.H., c.g.s.                                                            

Mammedbeyov E.Sh.                                                                        

Pashayev N.A.,c.g.s.                                                           

Ağhakishiyeva G.R., c.g.s.                                                                                        

Ahmadov Z,M, r.w.                                                                         

Ağhayeva R.R., r.w.

 The articles elucidating the latest scientific results of regional-geographical problems of formation, development and structural-territorial organization of modern geosystems have been collected in the XVII volume of the transactions of the Azerbaijan Geographical Society.


 Side by side with intensive development of science and technics, productive forces, speedy growth of population, more enlargement of settling areas, especially cities it is necessary to carry out researches on the directions of efficient use of natural conditions and resources, correct management of ecological potential of the geosystems, protection and optimization of landscape-ecological diversity in order to prevent the negative changes being created in the landscape layer of the Globe. The problems as global warming, climatic changes, destroying of ozone layer, protection of biodiversity and wild nature, growth of ecological tension, depletion of natural resources, food safety, organization of green economy can be solved only by jointly and mutual actions of scientists working hardly in different spheres of science. The importance of geographical researches grows constantly in study of laws of reason-result differentiation on time and space of the given problems and in their prevention. Lately the Azerbaijani geographers-scientists carried out researches on the ecological potential of geosystems, ecological diversity of landscape, landscape planning, town-building, problems of the Caspian Sea ecosystems, estimation of natural disaster risk and safety degree, climatic changes and achieved successful results.

The President of the Azerbaijan Republic I.A.Aliyev in the meeting devoted to the conclusions of social-economic development of the regions in Azerbaijan stressed that in order to achieve sustained development it is necessary to carry out correct specialization for the economic spheres of the regions. And this demands from the geographers to carry out the geographical researches on regional, even territorial level and correct estimation of natural conditions and resources. The specialization of the regions on economic spheres is directly and closely connected with geological and geomorphologic peculiarities, climatic and hydrological conditions, soil-plant cover and social-economic development level of the territory.

Taking into account of this point serious problems fall on the share of geographers-scientists on economic spheres of the regions. Correct organization of the specialization on regions will support the insurance of food safety, reduction of the cost price of product, reliable insurance with raw material of the agroindustrial complexes, reduction of the crop loss in the agriculture, correct directing the investment projects.

From this standpoint the devotion of the following XVII volume of the transactions of the Geographical Society of Azerbaijan to the geographical problems of the regions is not accidental. The collection includes about 70 scientific works devoted to different directly geographical problems. The presented materials are collected in four groups. The changes taking place in natural-territorial complexes, relief, exodynamic processes, soilforming of the regions on the result of anthropogenic influence are widely analysed in the first section.

The scientific and methodological innovations obtained on the basis of modern research ways in hydrology, climatology, social-economic geography, protection of nature and Caspian science sphere are elucidated in the next sections. The materials given in the transaction elucidating the development trends and level of the geographical science in Azerbaijan will give chance to define the directions of perspective scientific studies.

We hope that the XVII volume of the transactions of the Azerbaijan Geographical Society will be highly estimated by the scientific community and specialists as previously published collections.


 R.M. Mammadov,                                                                Corresponding Member of the ANAS, professor                                          Vice-President of the Azerbaijan Geographical Society